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Installing the BOOT LID SEAL -- BD-116

On 29 June 2006 at 22:33:10 UK time C. Jones wrote:
>"How should the boot seal be installed, (1) start at the top center (2) start at the bottom center or on one side. Also should it over lap at the start/finish point."

Start in middle of strip at top center and work both ways to meet at bottom center. Do NOT stretch the rubber, as it will have a tendency to shrink a bit later. If anything, press the rubber together lengthwise a little as you go so it can shrink a bit later and not pull loose. When finishing at the ends, cut it with a slight interference fit so the ends will stay together (even if it shrinks later).

Where it has to curve around the corners it will have some spring-back stress in the bend areas which will tend to make it pop up. It needs to be glued down really well to prevent coming loose, which it may do if you park it in the hot sun, get it wet, or get it particularly dirty. The main trick to making the glue stick is have the mating surfaces very clean before applying the adhesive, and use a good heat and water resistant trim adhesive. Also glue the ends together (if it's not too inconvenient).

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