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THE SHORT LIST (mandatory reading)

  • "The MG Series MGA Drivers Handbook"
    A BMC Service Publication. Paperback only. These booklets are about 68 pages plus the cover, and should have been included with every MGA when new. A nice introduction for newcomers (then you never look at it again).
    In addition to introduction to the car operation, hood and sidescreens, it details General Data, owner serviceable items, periodic maintenence schedule, lubrication, tires and jacking. Good for a concours car show. Right size for the glove box, except the MGA doesn't have one, so it might end up kicking around the boot. If you carry it on the road, keep it in a plastic bag.
    "The MG Series MGA 1500 Operation Manual" (1st Edition) (4.3-MB pdf)
    "The MG Series MGA 1500 Operation Manual" (2nd Edition) (5.8-MB pdf)
    "The MG Series MGA 1500 Driver's Handbook" (8th Edition) (7.3-MB pdf)
    "The MG Series MGA 1600 Driver's Handbook" (6.5-MB pdf)
    "The MG Series MGA 1600 Supplement to Driver's Handbook" (0.2-MB pdf)
    when Road Speed Tyres and disc brakes all round are fitted as optional extras.
    "The MG Series MGA 1600-MK-II Driver's Handbook" (7.7-MB pdf)
    "The MG Series MGA Twin Cam Driver's Handbook" (8.9-MB pdf)

  • "Getting The Best from your MGA Twin Cam"
    For the MGA Twin Cam owner, MG issued a small pink leaflet entitled "Getting the best from your MGA Twin Cam". It has, in large letters, "PLEASE READ BEFORE DRIVING". No doubt this was because the car was being used by owners who did not understand the requirements of what was essentially a road-going racing car. (BMC publication AKD1412). If anyone has a copy of this publication, please holler. One recently sold on eBay for GBP-75.00 (approximately US $116).
    Reprints now available at

  • "Maintenance Service - M.G. (Series "MGA") and Magnette" (0.9-MB pdf)
    Factory Publication Number AKD 7278.
    A publication of MG Car Company Ltd. These booklets are 14 to 16 pages including the cover, and would have been included with every MGA when new. It is the owners key to free 500 mile service, and subsequent service schedules at 3,000 mile intervals for 12,000 miles. The final note at end of 12,000 miles service is, "Road test and report".

  • "The MG Series MGA Workshop Manual"
    issued by The M.G. Car Company Ltd
    Distributed by Brooklands Books Ltd
    (ISBN: 1 86982 6302) 272 pgs. Hard cover version may be green or yellow, depending on printing date. Was originally available in ring binder notebook form. May also be available in soft cover.
    I personally recommend that anyone who owns an MGA should own a copy this book. Gives detailed instructions and information for just about everything to do with daily maintenance and mechanical restoration of the MGA. Nothing on rust repair or welded body panel replacement. That stuff is assumed to fall under "general knowledge" (but it does require quite a lot of that sort of general knowledge for the owner to do a proper job of panel replacement). Recommend hard cover if you're keeping the car for a while.
    "The MG Series MGA Workshop Manual"
    for MGA 1500, MGA 1600, and MGA 1600-Mk-II
    A printable copy of scanned pages listed by book section. - 24 separate PDF files.

  • "MGA Workshop Manual:
    Series MGA 1500, MGA 1600, and MGA 1600 (Mk. II)"

    250 pgs B/W Softcover - publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd.
    This one appears to be a softcover reprint of the original factory manual shown above, published by same company. Currently available new and cheaper than hard cover (so don't pay too much for it if you see it on eBay). I have reports that it is produced in various languages (including Flemish or Dutch), and may have different cover colors. So this one may be easier to find in other than English speaking countries.

  • "MG MGA Twin Cam Workshop Manual"
    a BMC Service Publication - 204 pgs, hard cover. Was originally available as ring binder notebook. May also be available as a less expensive supplement to the standard MGA factory workshop manual.
    You MUST have this if you own a MGA Twin Cam car. I know of no other reasonable substitute for complete information.
    "The MG Series MGA Twin Cam Workshop Manual"
    A printable copy of scanned pages listed by book section. - 23 separate PDF files.

  • "MGA Parts Catalog" by Moss Motors Ltd
    The Moss Motors printed catalog is free, so do click.
    In addition to being a parts catalog, this has very nice exploded assembly drawings and a generous dose of practical tech tips. Moss Motors has virtually everything you need for your MGA for daily maintenance, full restoration, extra performance, or dress-up accessories. See the Moss on-line catalog, and get same day shipping from the world's largest British sports car parts inventory. Excellent tech assistance if you need it. Moss parts also available through some local (if you're lucky) distributors, sometimes discounted. The local guys are often helpful with tech assist as well.

  • "MG TECH" by
    This will be the end of your mandatory reading list. It's right here on this web site, and it's free (so far). It is probably the single largest published block of MGA special tech information anywhere. It does have a good linking index, so you don't have to read it all at once or in any particular order, and there are lots of pictures. Click here and bookmark it.
  • No, you cannot buy it in printed form (yet), but even better, it keeps evolving and expanding with demand as visitors ask questions. As a matter of efficiency, I try hard not to duplicate tech information which is available through normal published sources. This applies to incoming questions as well. So before you ask a tech question, I pretty much insist that you check the MGA workshop manual and the Moss MGA parts catalog. Then check my MG Tech pages to see if your question may already be answered. Then if you still haven't found the answer to your MGA problem, feel free to ask. That's how "MG TECH" grows.
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