The MGA With An Attitude
The MG Series MGA Workshop Manual

For all those foot draggers who haven't purchased the Workshop Manual yet, here is a printable copy in PDF format. It is split into two dozen separate files so folks stuck on slow data links don't have to download it all in one bite. You will need PDF reader progran such as the tiny Foxit Reader or the bloated Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.
Workshop Manual

Introduction - Contents     (0.5-MB)
General Data                (0.6-MB)
General Information         (0.9-MB)
Maintenance Attention       (0.1-MB)

A-AA:  Engine               (2.3-MB)
B:     Ignition Equipment   (0.9-MB)
C:     Cooling System       (0.5-MB)
D:     Fuel System          (1.3-MB)
E:     Clutch               (0.7-MB)
F-FF:  Gearbox              (0.7-MB)
G:     Propellor Shaft      (0.3-MB)
H-HHH: Rear Axle            (1.3-MB)
I:     Rear Road Springs    (0.2-MB)
J:     Steering Gear        (0.5-MB)
K-KKK: Front Suspension     (1.1-MB)
L:     Hydraulic Dampers    (0.2-MB)
M-MMM: Braking System       (2.5-MB)
N-NN:  Electrical Equipment (1.9-MB)
O:     Wheels and Tyres     (0.5-MB)
P:     Lubrication          (0.5-MB)
Q:     Service Tools        (0.8-MB)
R:     Chassis              (0.4-MB)
S-SS:  Body                 (1.6-MB)
Lubrication Chart           (0.1-MB)
      Total all PDF files = 19.1-MB
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