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AKD5014 - The MG Series MGA
Service Parts List (1500) - AKD1055

Service Parts List 1500 NOTICE:   This document is the AKD 5014 SUPPLEMENT to the AKD 1055 Service Parts List for MGA 1500. Only the first section named "Supplement" is different. All other sections are same as the prior SPL (Second Edition) for MGA 1500.
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Supplement - Rationalized Reconditioned 
          Engine 1500cc Petrol  (1.5-MB)
Introduction                    (1.0-MB)
Index, Alphabetical & Part No's (0.8-MB)
A:  Engine                      (1.2-MB)
B:  Ignition Equipment          (0.1-MB)
C:  Cooling System              (0.1-MB)
D:  Fuel System                 (0.4-MB)
E:  Clutch                      (0.1-MB)
F:  Gearbox                     (0.3-MB)
G:  Propellor Shaft             (0.1-MB)
H:  Rear Axle & Springs         (0.3-MB)
J:  Steering Gear               (0.2-MB)
K:  Front Suspension            (0.2-MB)
L:  Shock Absorbers, Rear       (0.1-MB)
M:  Braking System              (0.3-MB)
N:  Electrical Equipment        (0.6-MB)
O:  Fascia Panel & Instruments  (0.2-MB)
P:  Road Wheels                 (0.1-MB)
Q:  Chassis Frame & Body Mount  (0.1-MB)
R:  Body Assembly               (2.6-MB)
S:  Tools, Paint, Literature    (0.3-MB)
          Total all PDF files = 10.6-MB

The purpose of this supplement is to give the Service Parts List breakdown of the Rationalized Reconditioned Engine Units replacing the Service Replacement Engines listed for the M.G. Series MGA.

This Supplement is issued in conjunction with Service Parts List Letter Ref. U.K. Promotion/528/64

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