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RETAINER CLIPS And PINS For Disc Brakes - BT-115

On Nov 16, 2016, David Lake in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia wrote:
"For the third time in 10 years of driving I have lost the brake pad pin and clip from the front disk brake whilst driving. I was up in the mountains, Gold Coast hinterland, enjoying a spirited drive, and I heard the clip fall out and bounce along the road. Maybe a minute later I heard the rod fall out and bounce along the road. I didn't bother stopping as the pads cannot fall out. It has happened before, but why is this happening, does it happen to everybody"?
"Should the little tab on the clip point up or down? The work shop manual shows it pointing up, but I would think of the clip was to move it would fly upwards, so should the little tab be below the pin"?

On Nov 16, 2016, Eric Taylor in CLT, NC, USA wrote:
"I noticed when I completed a recent front brake rebuild that the new clip was a bit different from OEM. Mainly the gap for the rotor was much smaller on the replacement. I shaved a bit of the clip with a grinder to enlarge the gap. Wonder if the clip is contacting the rotor and being knocked out? The gap on my replacement clip before modification was extremely close in fact it was rubbing against the rotor".

Replacement clip left - Believe this was an OEM clip right.

Replacement clip installed after modification - tab up.

I recon Erick is spot on, and the replacement clips may be Faulty Parts. The clip cannot be allowed to touch the rotor. There is some side clearance for the clip. The clip and retainer pin can float sideways until the clip touches the inside surface of the caliper. At that point the inside edge of the clip must still have some clearance from the rotor. If there is no clearance the clip should be ground back on the inside edges to provide the necessary clearance, both sides, perhaps 1/32-inch of free space in assembly. And of course the supplier of the replacement part should be notified of the defect.

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