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Converting MGA to MGB REAR BRAKES - BT-204

For MGA rear brakes, as long as we need to replace them, have you looked at the price of replacement parts? How about resleeving or replacing the MGA wheel cylinders? The MGB rear brakes from a banjo axle are lower cost than MGA. Two pistons in one cylinder may be better than one slider type wheel cylinder as well. In particular, getting the hand brake lever out of the wheel cylinder can improve the life prospects of the cylinder.

The MGB banjo style rear axle can be used for donor parts for the MGA. The MGB rear brakes can be installed on the MGA while retaining the original hubs and drums for proper appearance and original size threaded studs. MGB parts use 1/2 inch wheel studs, but that can be changed simply by changing the studs. Wire wheel axles are 7/8 inch shorter on each side than their disc wheel counterparts, so WW halfshafts go with WW housing, and DW halfshafts go with DW housing.

MGA rear brakes MGB rear brakes
MGA rear drum brakes - vs - MGB rear drum brakes

  • MGA Axle housing can be used, along with all original hubs, wheel bearings and halfshafts
  • MGB brake backing plates will be required
  • MGB brake shoes, springs, wheel cylinders, and hand brake parts will be used
  • MGA hand brake cable is the same as early MGB
  • MGA drums can be used for the 7/16 bolts and for original appearance
  • MGB banjo style steel brake lines will be required
  • The Tee fitting is the same on MGA or early MGB, so that is retained as well as the original MGA hydraulic hose.

    For a car that is a driver that a person does not care about originality, this is a bolt on process that makes the car better and safer (maybe) and can be changed back without welding, drilling, or cutting. Purists rejoice, as these alterations not permanent.

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