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BILGE BLOWER To Cool Carburetors, 3-inch #5 -- CB-208E

On 24 August 2012, Peter Tipping in Hampshire, UK wrote:
"During the recent hot spell I got a run on a day it was around 32C (86F) and took the opportunity to fit my remote temperature probe centrally between the pancake air filters (average intake temp) with the digital readout magnetically fixed to a bracket tucked into the tunnel carpet overlap. Driving between 30 & 60 mph in top gear with the blower off I got indicated temperatures from 118F to 123F. Going up or down gradients in top gear the temp remained surprising steady. This seems to prove that the 3" idle air-duct blower is not causing any undue air-flow restriction.

"As soon as the car was stationary the temperature immediately shot up, as it would, and quickly got to around 150F when the tickover started getting lumpy. At around this temp I was switching on the blower and the tickover very quickly settled almost before I got any indicated temperature reduction on the readout. The indicated temp would start to slowly reduce, but once on the move again and with the blower off it would drop rapidly to around its running 120F.

"I have also found that the usual run-on I get with my high compression flat top pistons and MGB head is helped by running the blower for a short period towards the end of a run and continue for a short period on tickover before finally shutting off. So I have to say, to date my blower seems the perfect solution". -- Pete

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