The MGA With An Attitude
Bilge Blower, 4-inch Double Duty -- CB-209

Here's a novel idea. On 7/13/2017, Mike Sutton wrote:
"Thought you might be interested in my solution (I hope) to the much discussed fuel vaporization problem. I have fitted a cold air box and filter to my MGA so prohibiting fitment of the bilge blower in the air duct at the left side of the engine bay. I have instead fitted a 4-inch bilge blower to the heater intake and a 'Y' connection forward of the heater box ducted to the rear carb then to the front carb float chambers. The flow to the carbs is enhanced by closing the heater flap forcing the air to the Y junction. This has an additional benefit of increase heater air flow efficiency in heater flap open mode. I have yet to prove the benefits of this system as my car is awaiting completion for road use".

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