The MGA With An Attitude

Nothing terribly exotic here. Anyone wanting a cold air intake box for the MGA can make one out of 4 inch diameter steel or aluminum tubing. Place a flat steel bar inside to serve as an anvil, and hammer one side of the tube flat over an area large enough to span the face of the carburetor inlet. Cut, drill or punch holes to match the inlet pattern of the carburetors, and holes in the opposite side of the tube for the mounting bolts. Weld on a plate to close the back end of the tube. Place metal tube spacers inside to space out the width of the tube when the long attachment bolts are installed. The more creative types might figure out how to install shortie air horns inside.
cold air box formed from tubing, front
cold air box formed from tubing, back
When installed the front end of the cold air intake box can be connected with a 4 inch flex tube to the tube port in radiator mounting diaphram. For street use you should also install some type of air cleaner, possibly mounted ahead of the radiator along with the hose taking fresh air from just inside of the grill opening.

The item pictured above appeared on eBay in February 2005.

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