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AIR CLEANER for Cold Air Intake - CB-302
These photos supplied by Cliff Mount

cold air filter pipes This looks like a good idea for anyone who wants to use an air filter in conjunction with a cold air intake box on the MGA. (Click for larger pictures). This starts with a K&N 3-inch conical air filter and a pair of 3-inch 45-degree plastic pipe fitings. The first picture shows the pipe parts sanded prior to painting (optional).
cold air filter pipes installed
Notice the step in large end. This fits right into the original 4-inch steel tube in the MG radiator mount diaphragm. Where the two pipe fittings go together the connections have been shortened to allow the bottom curve to clear the air pan in front of the radiator. One bolt holds everything in place. From the upper end, a 3" pipe can be used to start over toward an air box at the carburetors, intended to be conncted with a flexible coupling.
cold air filter installed cold air filter outlet end
See prior page for an example of a cold air intake box.

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