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FLOORBOARD FIRE from Exhaust System -- EX-104

You might recognize this illustration from an earlier article. Notice the rectangular plate in the center of the picture. This is not part of the pipe. It is a sheet metal heat shield with turned up edges and an insulating pad nested between the sheet and the wood floor with half a dozen short wood screws holding it in place. Respect the purpose of this piece, and do endeavor to procure and install one if your car does not have it.
MGA exhaust system parts
If (when) the rear pipe hanger (aft of the muffler) might delaminate and let loose, weight of the muffler tends to pull down the back end of the exhaust pipe causing it to bow upward in the center. This in turn can bring the hot exhaust pipe into contact with the floor board right under the left side seat. It is unfortunately fairly common to hear reports of floor board and carpet fires in the MGA. If you are nominally diligent about periodic inspection and preventative maintenance this should never happen to you. But be safe and install the heart shield anyway, as it is cheap insurance.

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