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MGA Tuning Information Memoranda - CF-135

This section contains memos, officially known as T.I.M.'s (Tuning Information Memoranda) issued by BMC Service Ltd detailing modifications which may be taken to upgrade performance of the MGA cars, particularly for competition use. These are PDF ranging from 80-KB to 3.8-MB (up to 25 pages). There are TIMs from #1 to #48, and they relate to a wide variety of BMC products which clearly got fettled for competition at Abingdon. They start when Syd Enever became Chief Engineer and stopped when he left. Don Hayter, one removed after Syd did not use them and neither did Syd's successor.

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Getting the Best from your MGA 1600-MK-II, Publication No. A.K.D. 1412 - (442-KB pdf file)

   Date    TIM no   Subject Matter      

  •  1957*  T.I.M.#11 'M.G.A.' Special Tuning - (*draft written 1957, published 1958)
  •         T.I.M.#14 Current Gear Ratios, A, B, C Series
  • 6.1.59  T.I.M.#17 Parts to convert to Roll Bar, prior to Chassis No: (Twin Cam)
  • 13.1.59 T.I.M.#18 Hydraulic Dampers Upgrade (Twin Cam)
  • 14.4.59 T.I.M.#21 Disc Brake Pads Upgrade (Twin Cam)
  • 22.5.59 T.I.M.#22 Cylinder Head Improvements, Issue 1 (Twin Cam)
  • 6.11.59 T.I.M.#23 Cylinder Head Improvements, Issue 2 (Twin Cam)
  • 1.7.59  T.I.M.#24 Weber Carbs, Provisonal Only
  • 5.11.59 T.I.M.#25 Valve Springs - (Twin Cam)
  • 27.8.59 T.I.M.#26 Engine Vibration - (Twin Cam)
  • 6.10.59 T.I.M.#27 Larger Carburetors, Issue 1 - (Twin Cam)
  • 6.11.59 T.I.M.#27 Larger Carburetors, Issue 2 - (Twin Cam)
  • 6.11.59 T.I.M.#28 Distributor and Ignition Timing - (Twin Cam)
  • 4.1.60  T.I.M.#31 Suggested Improvements - (Twin Cam)
  •         T.I.M.#33 General Data, Tuning Engine, Rebuilding Engine, Adjusting Suspension, Getting The Most - (Twin Cam) - [25-p, 3.2-MB]
  • 20.1.61 T.I.M.#34 Reshaping combustion space & Flywheel - (1588 cc) - [5-p, 3.8-MB]
  •         T.I.M.#35 3-1/8" Bore [1760 cc] - (Twin Cam)
  •         T.I.M.#36 Add to Special Tuning Booklet, Stage4 (MGA 1600) [4-p, 0.5-MB]

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