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MGA Confidential Service Memoranda - CF-130

This section contains memos issued by BMC Service Ltd to MG dealers, detailing actions to be taken when servicing the MGA cars. These are PDF files averaging 80KB per page.

Viewing of these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. The program is available free of charge from For best viewing select size option of 100% up to 150%. For printing, select the print option "Fit to page".

See also Twin Cam Confidential Service Memoranda in the Twin Cam section
*  - Applicable to all MG models, not specific to MGA
** - Applicable specifically to MGA Twin Cam Model

Index to Improvements and Alterations February 1961 (450-KB pdf file)

 Date  CSM no Subject Matter      
(Dec'56)MG197 Accelerator return spring retrofit before (c)24594. (See CSM MG202 and the SPL for parts required).
03Jan57 MG198 Cylinder head heater outlet - Wheel cylinder banjo connections, rear brakes
07Mar57 MG202 Accelerator return spring (c)24594 Dec 1956 - Door locks coupe (c)25110 Jan 1957 - Hand brake cable (c)21021 Sep 1956
18Apr57 MG203 Noisy heater
22May57   NASB 20 (Volume 4) - M.G.A. Fixed Head Coupes - Door Hinge Shims
23May57 MG205 Dynamo pulley and belt - Synchronizer, 3rd gear - Cylinder head gasket - Rocker cover gasket - Clutch springs
15Aug57 MG206 Cylinder head gasket
03Oct57 MG210 Gearbox rear oil seal
11Dec57   NASB 38 (Volume 4) - Rear Hub Baffle
19Dec57 MG212 Rear main bearing oil leaks (scroll seal clearance)
13Feb58 MG213 Oil dipper rod - Carburetor distance piece and gasket
13Feb58 MG214 Steering joint slackness
13Feb58 MG215 Windscreen washer loss of water
13Mar58 MG216 Replacing damaged hood backlight
01May58 MG218 Rear shocks - Road wheels
06May58 MG219 Door latch cables
21May58 MG221 Insufficient door opening, coupes
21Jul58 MG226 Clutch driven plates *
01Aug58 MG227 Full flow oil filter
10Sep58 MG229 Gudgeon pins - Steering ball sockets - Bearing caps
22Oct58 MG231 Connecting rod assemblies **
22Oct58 MG232 Gearbox rear extension oil seal - Windscreen pegs
23Oct58 MG233 Steering ball socket
11Oct58 MG234 Water loss **
13Nov58 MG235 Master cylinder and wheel cylinder seals *
05Dec58 MG236 Connecting rod assemblies (Cancels MG231) **
05Dec58 MG237 Oil pump & strainer, Petrol pipe clips, Fan belt dynamo pulley *
_______ MG237A Fan belt dynamo pulley (Corrected) **
13Feb59 MG238 Fuel octane requirements **
09Feb59 MG239 Adhesives *
06Feb59 MG240 Front spring spigot, piston scraper rings, oil pump drive spindle *
18Feb59 MG241 Jumping out of gear
20Feb59 MG242 Oil seals, gearbox and rear extension
19Mar59 MG245 Valve guides - Oversize in replacement engines *
03Apr59 MG246 Rear axle hub gasket
13Apr59 MG248 Distributor clamping **
17Apr59 MG249 Battery covers *
28Apr59 MG251 Fitting camshaft bearing caps **
29Apr59 MG252 Connecting rod assemblies (Cancels MG236) **
13May59 MG253 Improved Road Wheels, Tappets, sparking plugs *
16Jun59 MG257 Timing cover gasket **
18Jun59 MG258 Carburetor piston icing
29Jun59 MG259 Valve guides - Oversize in replacement engines (Cancels MG245) *
06Jul59 MG261 Bumper bar protection *
03Jul59 MG262 Important modifications - Connecting rods **
24Jul59 MG264 Carburetor damper piston **
29Jul59 MG267 Flywheel dowels *
07Aug59 MG269 Jamming in gear
27Aug59 MG275 Crankshaft, flywheel and clutch assemblies **
15Sep59 MG276 Tappet clearance **
15Sep59 MG278 Important modifications - Axle shafts, anti-roll bar assembly, piston rings *
16Oct59 MG282 Remedies for possible complaints **
10Nov59 MG286 Air cleaner venturi **
13Nov59 MG288 Remedies for possible complaints (Cancels MG282) **
25Nov59 MG289 Radiator cap
25Nov59 MG290 Disc brake pads
07Dec59 MG291 Block drain tap
06Jan60 MG294 Hood folding - Oil level indicator *
28Jan60 MG296 Piston failure **
10Feb60 MG297 Gearbox front cover centralizer *
24Feb60 MG301 Campaign change of distributor **
08Mar60 MG304 Steering wheel remover *
09Mar60 MG305 Slush penetration, brakes
23Mar60 MG307 Piston rings **
25Mar60 MG309 Main and con-rod bearings *
30Mar60 MG310 Valve springs **
08Apr60 MG313 Disc brakes
27Jul60 MG324 Control box *
16Aug60 MG325 Piston Failure **
30Aug60 MG327 Crankshaft bearings, Carburetors, All wheel disc brakes
 Jan'80 MG327n Notes from John Twist re: All wheel disc brakes changes
29Sep60 MG328 Timing chain tensioner
29Sep60 MG329 Windscreen contamination *
05Oct60 MG330 Undersealing *
06Oct60 MG331 Brake pipe unions *
18Oct60 MG332 Disc brake pads *
04Nov60 MG335 Oil filter elements - washing in petrol *
10Nov60 MG337 Hoods - Block side covers
22Nov60 MG338 Hard top and sliding sidescreens *
04Jan61 MG341 Bonnet safety *
04Jan61 MG342 Control box (Cancels MG324) *
19Jan61 MG344 Piston failure (Cancels MG325) **
08Feb61 MG346 Tyre balance
08Feb61 MG347 Starter brush springs *
09Mar61 MG355 Carburetor icing
24Mar61 MG358 Scratches on flexible back-lights *
01Aug61 MG377 Service tools *
17Nov61 MG385 Seat belts *
06Feb62 MG394 Hood sealing (Cancels MG365) *
02Jul62 MG398 Windscreen re-glazing (convertibles only) *
01Mar63 MG416 Crankshaft thrust washers *

*  - Applicable to all MG models, not specific to MGA
** - Applicable specifically to MGA Twin Cam Engine

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