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Factory Option Codes for the MGA - CF-126

This information was originally taken from the full 2111 cars database of MGA Twin Cam cars. This has not yet been done for all pushrod cars, but in general, options would be mostly the same selection. I will try to note where certain options may be unique to or not applicable to Twin Cam (or "Deluxe" cars. Other option codes may be added to this list if/when they may be found.

CODE NAME 455Ax 4.556 rear Axle ratio -- perhaps 8% of all TC cars 4.875Ax 4.875 rear Axle ratio -- so far only 2 recorded in (Twin Cams) Ae Aerial -- a few recorded, presume this is a stand-alone part when radio is NOT ordered) AlSWh Alloy Special Wheel ? -- (none recorded so far), may be the very rare but well known pin drive aluminum wheels. AnSh Andre Shock Absorber -- several of these recorded ARBr Anti-Roll Bar -- only a few of these recorded, (apparently originally rare on Twin Cam, most TC were 1500 style with no mounting for the ARBr until June 1959) AS Adjustable Steering (column) -- a couple dozen far, maybe only 1% of all TC cars (far below the average for other MGA) ASWh Alloy Steering Wheel - about 6% to 7% of TC cars AT Ash Tray -- over 100 recorded (about 5% of Twin Cams) BB Badge Bar -- a couple dozen recorded BC or BATT.CVR Individual Battery Covers -- several recorded Bmpr Bumper -- one recorded as "less FtORdr&RrBmpr" Bkt Bracket (fog lamp) -- only a couple recorded as "2FLtBkt" CAP Unknown description -- couple dozen cases recorded, (anyone want to venture a guess? perhaps same as COP?) CAV Cool Air Vent -- dozens recorded, about 2% of all TC, (a minority option in lieu of no heater) CLtr Cigar Lighter -- about a dozen recorded (far less than AT) COP Competition brake Pads -- at least one recorded CRG Close Ratio Gears -- about 7% of all Twin Cam cars CS or
Competition Seats -- hundreds recorded, most popular accessory (after heater), about 35% of all TC CScn Competition Windscreen -- about 8% of all TC, slightly more often than CRG CT Centigrade Thermometer -- a few hundred recorded, about 8% of TC Eng Engine -- a few hundred recorded (description not known), about 8% of TC. This is NOT the notable 1762cc large bore factory "kit" (not generally known to the public). FLt Fog Light - (mounting) -- dozens recorded, mostly "2FLt" FshR Flash Relay -- only 1 recorded so far (oddly rare) Ft Front (part of another code like SpFtShoc or FtORdr&RrBump) FtSh Front Shock Absorbers -- one recorded as "SpFtShoc" glTk (gallon) Fuel Tank -- one recorded as "15glTk" GrLvr Gear Lever (description not known) -- none recorded so far H Heater -- nearly 75% of all TC cars HT Hardtop -- exactly 5 recorded, from the factory, these were on the 1959 Sebring TC race cars Inst Instructions -- one recorded as "See Special Instructions" LAST Light Alloy Steering Wheel -- none recorded so far, (may be similar to WSWh but different manufacturer, special) LC Luggage Carrier -- a couple dozen recorded, about 1% of TC cars, one recorded as " boot" LessBatt Less Batteries -- about 3-1/2% recorded this way Nuts Hub Nuts (not spinners) -- nearly 100 recorded so far, less than 5% of TC cars OC Oil cooler -- hundreds of these recorded, perhaps 25% of all TC. The TC oil cooler may be different from others, See OF-105C (engine) ORdr Overrider -- one recorded as "less FtORdr&RrBmpr" RB Radiator Blind -- a couple dozen recorded (1% of TC cars) RC Rev. Counter (description not known) -- none recorded so far, may not be applicable to MGA, as all MGA have a rev couter Rcg Racing -- (may be part of another extended option tag) RcgTyres Racing tyres -- at least 2 recorded as "RcgTyres" Rr Rear (part of another extended option tag) RS Road Speed ? RSTyres Road Speed Tyres -- one recorded as "RSTyres", apparently these were more common later on 1600-MK-II "Deluxe" cars RvLt Reverse Light-- one recorded (not popular for racing) Sh Show (likely part of a longer code) SHTyres Show Tyres -- several recorded SLt Spot Light -- at least one recorded Sp Special (possibly requiring an attached description), -- One recorded as "Special Covered Scuttle" SpBody Special Body -- one recorded SpFtShoc Special Front Shock absorbers -- one recorded SSC Sliding Side Screen -- hundreds recorded, nearly 25% of all TC cars (in lieu of 1500 type) SV Sun Visor -- less than 1% of all TC, about 1/3 recorded as "2Sv", presume for Coupe only SWLTT Spare Wheel Less Tyre and Tube -- a few dozen recorded, about 2% of all TC cars Tc Tonneau Cover -- hundreds recorded as "TCxx" where xx is the colour code (most Twin Cam roadsters) TcBk Tonneau cover, black -- hundreds recorded, about 25% of TC TcBu Tonneau cover, blue TH Twin Horns -- about 7% of all Tc cars WM Wing Mirror -- a few dozen recorded "1WM", only a few with "2WM" WSWh Wood-rim Steering Wheel -- several recorded WT Radio -- dozens recorded, about 2-1/2% of all TC, Models = R5810-200R, R5818.230RA, R200TA/MG01, R230RA/N461, R52T/M601, R500TA/M601, R23088 R500TA WUAe Wind-up Aerial -- (so far none recorded on TC cars) WW Windscreen Washer -- hundreds of these recorded, about 35% of all TC cars, some "1WW", a few "2WW" WWT White Walled Tyres -- one recorded this way Wwtyre White Walled Tyres -- A few recorded this way

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