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Addendum first on this page, as we are finally getting to the bottom of this issue.
On 13 Nov 2013, Edward Vandyk wrote:
"Herewith YM2 2596. These are dealer fitted sun visors from new - I have seen the invoice. They are as per the Parts List".

MGA Coupe sun visor This picture was taken from a restored MGA coupe at University Motors Summer Party in August 2004. Hard to say if it is perfectly original, but it is very close to correct. Click for larger image.

Be careful about calling the color tan or light tan. Apparently the correct color is "off white" or cream color, which might be thought of as a VERY light tan. With age and sun fading the color commonly goes a little darker, sort of like being dirty gray. When the trim caps are removed from an old headliner the covered areas being exposed will show the correct color. The headliner should be off white and textured or perforated. The sun visors would be matching in color, off white not tan.

The varnished wood trim in the picture above is not original. This was originally covered with the same cloth material as the headliner.

At 10:30 AM 12/15/04 +0000, Dave.Shattock wrote:
"My local trim guru, who has rallied a Coupe in the past, tells me the visors are the same as an Austin A35. May or may not be true but at least it's feasible. They may well be cheaper under the Austin label".

On 21 November 2006 at 17:55:53 UK time, J H Cole wrote:
"I have an original headliner on my coupe and it is a cream/tan colour in a textured vinyl. The sun visors I have seen are similar to this and not black or white."

On 22 April 2009 Andy Preston in California wrote:
gray visor with two screws
"I purchased the sun visors about one year ago on Ebay/UK. They arrived in the original paper BMC sleeve. They are attached to the face of the trim above the front window".

These are darker gray with a couple of screws in the center and different style hinge, apparently originally intended for a different model car. [Barney]

Addendum, January 2011:
Here is a visor that has been spotted a couple of times on Australian MGA Coupes.
odd visor with sode munt odd visor with sode munt
Bear in mind that Australian roadsters were CKD cars assembled in Australia with a LOT of local source parts, including nearly all fabric covered parts. However the MGA Coupe was imported to Australia complete from England. Some accessory parts may have been installed at the factory, or may have been local sourced after delivery. Some MGA Coupes in Australia have the original factory style visor shown at top of page. So far this particular style of visor has unknown source, but seems to be unique to Australian cars.

Addendum, April 2011:
On 31 March 2011, J H Cole in Hampshire, UK wrote:
"The photos show the end product as close as I could get to something like the original. They're made from hardboard and covered in headlining material. Hinges were difficult to come by and these were from eBay".
odd visor with sode munt odd visor with sode munt
"I made them at 370x115 mm. Wifey did the sewing on the inside and then turned them inside out. The excess material was cut off as close as possible to the stitching or else it shows. The hardboard size was cut after the stitching so that it stretched the material the right amount. The open end was stretched over the edge of the hardboard and glued with contact adhesive. When finished they looked okay but lacked that factory finish look so I took them to my local car upholsterer and he did a sewing line along the perimeter through the hardboard. You need to give him a trial piece first so that he can get the sewing right".


Sun visor cover material should be same material as used for the headliner. This is originally off white (cream, beige, or very light tan). I have reports from end users that the much touted headliner from Scarborough Faire is white (incorrect color).

On Dec 9, 2011, Mark Wellard on the MGA Twin cam Enthusiasts Group wrote:
MG Y-type hinges appear to be the same as those drawn in the service parts list for the MGA coupe. The actual Y-type visors are not the same as those used in the A coupe, so it's still necessary to source the fiber-board of the actual visor.
Others have suggested that an Austin A30 visor is also the same as an MGA coupe. While they are useable, they are not the same as original MGA coupe visors. They have a plastic-welded or heat-sealed edge and are made with the same material as used in the coupe headlining. They would make a suitable visor for the coupe because of the headlining match (if you still have the correct material), however, the hinges are totally different". -- Regards, Mark

This discussion open lots of questions about the "correct" visor hinge for the MGA Coupe. Below are scans from the MGA 1500 Service Parts List. Notice the illustration shows a rectangular hinge. Such hand drawn illustrations have been known to be wrong on occasion, and they are often carried over from one book issue to the next, and sometimes into service manuals and other parts list for decades to follow. There do not seem to be any illustrations of the triangular hinge most often thought to be original for the MGA Coupe.
visor illustration
visor illustration
There are multiple reports of this rectangular style hinge appearing in MGA Coupes. The problem is in attempting to find examples where there is some evidence that is may be original factory issue.

On Oct 3, 2012, Edward Vandyk in the UK wrote:
"I have two TC coupes from before the changeover I refer to below (they currently have the triangular hinge visors) and a deluxe Mk II coupe which I am restoring which is after the changeover. There were two part numbers for the sun visors (AHH5710 followed by AHE5000). The change over date from a TC perspective was May 1959 but from the push rod car Dec 1959 (source SPL). The representations in the SPLs (all of which cross the changeover) all show rectangular, not triangular, hinges. The A35 sun visors (with rectangular hinges) are contemporary. There is also the point that there would have been factory fitted visors and dealer fitted visors as well as locally sourced visors for knock down cars assembled abroad".

On Oct 3, 2012, Mark Wellard wrote:
"The triangular hinges are the same as those used on an MG Y-type sun visor. Given that other parts (such as water pump internals) were derived from earlier cars, it would not be totally out of the ordinary".

On Oct 3, 2012, Bo Giersing wrote:
"I searched on ebay UK and found 2 sets in poor shape, but with good chrome brackets".
"The photo of the sun visor is attached. I can confirm with certainty that the holes in the bracket fits the mounting holes in 554 exactly. The sun visor also looks much the same as the illustration in both the 1600 and Twin Cam SPL".

Note: I believe it has been confirmed that the hole spacing for mounting either the triangular or rectangular bracket is the same, so it cannot be known from the mounting screw locations which hinge was originally installed. [Barney]

On Oct 3, 2012, Nathaniel Delaney wrote:
"I have a TC Coupe that was delivered from the facotry with the sun visor option. The car has been untouched throughout its life. I will have a look at the sun visor on this car and get back to you.

On Oct 4, 2012, Rodney Green in White River, South Africa wrote:
"Is this considered correct? On my vdp hard top".

Note: Detachable hardtops on roadsters normally did not have a sun visor, so this is just a photo example of the possible part in question.

In reference to the above photo, Nathaniel Delaney (with the very original Coupe) responded:
"Same style as mine".

On Oct 4, 2012, Nathaniel Delaney wrote:
"Sun Visor info as follows:
1. Only one visor is fitted to the drivers side;
2. Length is 36cm or 14in;
3. Height is 12cm or 4 3/4in;
4. Fixing bracket to the Visor is one captive bolt and nut;
5. Fixing bracket to the roof it 2 screws;
6. Bracket is a two piece rectangle (with which the captive bolt and nut vice around a small metal bar that runs the length of the visor - top side) and is located in the middle of the visor - there is a name Tudor on the underside of the bracket.

Addendum August 10, 2015:
Looks like there is a source for the replacement sun visor for the MGA Coupe.

Addendum August 21, 2015:
On 8/21/2015, John Barrett wrote:
"It seems that some of the visors used on Morris Minors were the same as on MGAs. There are three types of visors on Minors, these can be grouped as early 1950ís, late 1950ís & early 1960ís, and later 1960ís. It is the middle group that match those fitted in the coupes of that period. So my advice to those trying to find original sun visors is to contact you local Morris Minor club. Repros are also available as a last option".

On Apr 15, 2016, Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA wrote:
"Several months ago, I bought a used Morris Minor sun visor with a center-mount bracket marked TUDOR and I had it re-chromed. I used the information from Barney's website to make the correct size visor and I covered it with the same material I'm using for my headliner. I'm only putting one in on the driver's side since it is my understanding that most coupes fitted with this option only had one on the driver's side. I have a second bracket if I decide later to add one on the passenger's side".

On Nov 1, 2017, Jim Cheatham wrote:
"The bracket came from a Morris Minor and has the Tudor name on the back. I had it re-chromed.

These parts are avaiable from Newton Commercial:
mini-minor-centrally-mounted-sunvisor --- mini-bent-sunvisor-bracket-early-type

Nice parts, but the visor seems to be the wrong color or material for the MGA Coupe.
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