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Engine OIL COOLER Installation, Competition Type - OF-105C1

Another original type of oil cooler sometimes fitted to the MGA was the more rare "competition" oil cooler, 4 row, much wider, to be mounted immediately behind the grille, with pipe connections from the rear. Both standard and competition type coolers had "Morris Motors Ltd. Radiator Branch Oxford" labels, stick-on for the standard type and screw-on acid-etched tag for the competition type. The first picture below shows an incorrect stick-on tag on a reproduction oil cooler. (Click for larger pictures).
Competition type oil cooler
Four row oil cooler. These appear to have no fluid channel at top and bottom,
Competition type oil cooler installed
At 02:58 PM 8/29/05 +0200, Bo Giersing wrote:
"See attached. The ‘Black Mamba’ is YM2 554, photo taken in Feb 1959 at the MG main dealers in Durban, where it was being prepared for endurance racing. I have the official race reports, which also included Bob Olthoff’s car – both cars had factory backing and were supplied with experimental 2 inch SU’s – Bob had to give his back after the first race. There are more photos on the Twin Cam groups website. Also see the MGA Special Tuning Manual AKD819 (3.1-MB pdf), page 25."

That 1960 version of the Special Tuning Manual shows the
later more common and taller oil cooler with ports on the bottom.

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