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Converting Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive - CF-201

The vast majority of MGA were built with left hand drive for the North American Market (and other places), with a smaller number built with right hand drive for British (and a very few European markets) and in Australia. As these cars are moved about from one country to another it is sometimes necessary or desirable to convert them from left hand drive to right hand drive (or vice versa).
left hand drive left hand drive
left hand drive
Since the MGA was designed to be assembled either way it is basically a bolt together job to do the conversion, IF you can find the right parts. Many of the parts can simply be swapped from one side of the car to the other side. The following parts would need to be changed.
RHD parts
Steering rack - See Steering SR-205 for conversion details
Clutch pedal
Accelerator pedal and matching Bracket(s) CF-201A
Accelerator pedal stop (LHD only)
Blanking screws and cup washers (2 ea), RHD only
      (for holes in LH floor from accelerator stop)
Dipper switch Bracket ET-114A
Pipe, master cylinder to clutch hose (shorter for RHD)
Clip, clutch pipe to bulkhead (0 for RHD, 2 for LHD)
Pipe, master cylinder to 4-way fitting (shorter for RHD)
Clip, brake pipe (different size hole for screw)
Dash fascia panel
Finisher for bottom of dash (for models with vinyl covered dash)
Cable, Speedometer (longer for LHD Com. (C)61504 with high starter pos.)
Cable, Tachometer (longer for RHD)
Starter pull cable (longer for RHD)
Choke pull cable (shorter for RHD)
Tonneau cover (for bump over the steering wheel)
Wiper arms (to park in opposite direction)
Coupe Doors (key lock in off side door only for early production)
Carpet, front floor L&R (heal pad for driver)
Carpet felt pad, front floor L&R (do not know why, except for hole in the pad for the steering column)

Additional items related to country change:
Headlamp bulbs (dip left for RHD, dip right for LHD)
      May be left dip, right dip, vertical dip or yellow
      Special bulbs and housings for France
      Sealed beam or separate bulb (check local regulations)
      Various electrical adapters for different applications.
Headlamp flasher switch and relay (some LHD cars in N. America, Canadian?)
Fog Lamps or Driving Lamps ET-205A
Fog lamp (optional) leads (2 long + 2 short for RHD, 2 short only for LHD)
Fog lamp (optional) relay and harness (N America must use 2 lamps)
      com. (C)55633 August 1958 (N. America or 2 lamps)
Speedometer (MPH or KPH depending on local law)
Temperature gauge (Fahrenheit or Centigrade)
      LHD not N. America go Centigrade com. (C)57574 October 1958)
Octagonal knock-off nuts for wire wheels (Germany com. October 1958)

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