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The MGA headlight dipper switch changed brackets and location once on the LHD cars. The first picture below shows the LHD 1500 model bracket which is attached to the heater shelf with three screws. This positions the kick switch high above the clutch pedal on the far left. I have been driving this model for decades, so it seems perfectly natural to me. It leaves maximum space on the floor and side frame to rest your left foot wherever you feel most comfortable on a long trip.
Dipper switch for LHD 1500 car
Next picture below shows the LHD 1600 model setup with the dip switch bracket attached to the toe board low on the left, up against the chassis frame. This is easier to reach, but for some people with wide feet it may interfere with clutch action. When you depress the clutch you might accidentally actuate the dipper switch. For most people this its just a matter of getting used to it to avoid the misstep. This switch position obstructs the space somewhat where you might like to rest your foot on the floor to far left, but it leaves open the space in the triangle recess to rest your foot on the angled frame member. Note the brake pedal in this picture has been bent somewhat to the left to be farther from the throttle pedal.
Dipper switch for LHD 1600 car
The next picture below shows a 1600 type dipper switch bracket relocated to sit on the chassis angled frame tube, far left within the triangular recess of the frame. This gets the kick switch away from the clutch pedal, but to kick the switch you have to lift your foot higher and poke your toe to the far left. It does leave more foot rest space to the left below the clutch pedal, so it may be a matter of personal preference to make this modification.
Dipper relocated non-standard for LHD 1600 car
Picture below shows location of the dipper switch on a RHD 1600 car. The bracket is screwed to the front corner of the frame goal post, two screws visible and one more underneath. Notice the tunnel bulge for the starter motor clearance just below the dipper switch. This required the switch to be mounted farther forward with a notch in the bottom end of the bracket.
Dipper switch for RHD 1600 car
For the 1500 model the Service Parts List shows the same part number for dipper switch bracket for both RHD and LHD models. That being the case, the RHD 1500 dipper switch should look like the one at top of page attached to the underside of the heater shelf but just to the right of the tunnel.

In any case, pay attention to using the proper rubber grommets wherever the electrical cable passes through a hole in sheeet metal parts. There is also a "P" clip (commonly missing) to serve as strain relief attaching to the inside of the switch bracket with a screw, washer and nut. See next page for variations on dipper switch mounting hardware.

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