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MGA assembly in Australia - CKD-102

These Australian CKD cars were the most numerous, and also the most incomplete as shipped. Parts were sourced locally for paint, tires & tubes, batteries, glass, rear leaf springs, bumpers, trim including seats covered in vinyl, wiring harness, and some instruments. Only pushrod Roadsters were built here. Some Twin Cam Roadsters were imported Completely Built Up, but never CKD. No Coupes on record.

The following pages are from Sports Car World of February 1958. This is an Australian publication. It shows the assembly of the pushrod MGA at the Pressed Metal Corporation factory in Cosgrove Road, Enfield (Sydney), Australia. Thanks to Mick Anderson in Australia for the copies of the magazine pages.

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A 34 page Powerpoint presentation on the MGA assembly in Australia - This has been converted to HTML code web pages for less data and faster viewing.

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