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Completely Knocked Down MGA - CKD-101
cars built (assembled) around the world

Many MGA were shipped around the world in the form of Completely Knocked Down units to be assembled in other countries. The total content of these "kits" would depend on the resources of the assembler at the destination. Wheels and tires and batteries might not be included, and the car bodies were generally not painted prior to shipping (except for primer). Here we have some links to information about these cars. Some of this is off site, in which case the links will be as good as the longevity of the referenced web pages.

Australia - Oct 1957 start date

  • Assembly in Enfield (Stdney), N.S.W.
    Roadsters only. Some Twin Cams were imported Completely Built Up, but never CKD.


  • Morris Motors (Canada), LTD, Hamilton, Ontario
    Completely built up, partially knocked down for shipping, to be reassembled on arrival.


  • Records indicate that three MGA were assembled in Cuba, just before the Castro revolution, and one was a Twin Cam!


  • Denmark did build come CKD cars, but not they were other models not MGA. All MGA sent to Denmark were CBU, but they had a few special features, and some special badging was added for this country.


  • J.J. Molenaar, Amersfort (both CKD and complete cars here)


  • Booth Poole and Co Ltd, Dublin - First 4 cars in January 1956


  • Automoviles Ingleses SA, Mexico City - First 4 cars in January 1956.

    The Netherlands

  • The Philippines

  • South Africa - March 1957 to 1962

  • Motor Assemblies Limited plant in Durban, Natal - British Car Distributors Ltd, Durban.
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