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ADAPTING MGA Gearbox to MGB Release Arm - CT-102B

MGB 3-synchro gearbox front cover When installing MGB clutch in MGA you need (among other things) the front cover (casting number 22B55 AB) from a 3-synchro MGB gearbox (used with 18G, 18GA and 18GB engines 1962-1967). This part is no longer available new and may be increasingly difficult to find as a good used part. This page shows a method to adapt mounting of the MGB clutch release lever to the MGA gearbox using the original MGA front cover.

Adapter plate drawing for MGB clutch arm in MGA gearbox
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First step is to mill the pivot ears off of the alloy cover down to a thickness of 0.52 inch. Then fabircate the steel bracket as shown here, composed of a three piece steel weldment with machining as shown. See sketch at right (click for larger printable pdf image). Mount with spacer washers of suitable thickness between the cover and adapter plate.

Photos and drawing compliments of Christopher Cox.

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