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DUCK CLUTCH, Hand Operated - CT-300

The Duck Clutch Consists of an electrically powered actuator system which can be installed on any vehicle in order to give fingertip Control of the clutch pedal. The servo motor (1,) which is installed in the engine compartment, receives signals from the control unit (2), which is installed in the passenger compartment under the dashboard. The control unit's function is to interpret and amplify the signals it in turn receives from the head of the gear lever (3), which is a treated wood or leather clad, unit that replaces the original gear knob and incorporates a hand operated lever and a single button. The system can be enabled or disabled at any time by a switch on the dashboard (4). The system connects to the car's original clutch pedal (5) with a strong mechanical linkage and pulls the on pedal from behind so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the clutch pedal by an able bodied driver. All power is removed from the system when the car is switched off at the ignition switch (6) so as to avoid any current drain from the battery when the vehicle is not in use.

  Duck Clutch diagram
Duck Clutch control
Current source for hand operated clutch actuators:

A YouTube video of the Duck Clutch in operation:

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