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COMPARISON, Moss Replacement Radiator -- CO-115

The following photos and notes are from David M Evans, Ontario, Canada
Original radiator is on left - Moss replacement radiator on right.

original radiator rear original radiator rear
Right away I saw that the Moss rad was missing the overflow pipe. Not a good start. I can make one though. Inlet and outlet pipes are slightly smaller diameter. This actually made it easier to install the hoses but harder to get the original style clamps (which are marginal) to work without leaking. Again - not so hot.
original radiator rear original radiator rear
Here was the second disappointment. The rad shipped with a plug in the drain hole. That's OK. I did not expect to get the drain cock. But what was disappointing was the fact that the plug was a smaller thread. My drain cock would not fit. Pretty sure my old rad was original so what's up?
Moss radiator drain

Some addition personal notes from other people (your experiences may vary):

On 15 March 2009 Dominic Clancy in Switzerland wrote:
"I had three repro radiators fail in less than 18 months, and rejected another immediately on receipt. The original radiator recore lasted 15 years after the car's restoration before it started to leak, and the redone recore of that same original has now lasted three years without problems.
If you have a decent local radiator recorer, go with the original every time. The Chinese repros are absolute rubbish in comparison, the faults on mine being: twice starting to leak at the solder bubble on the upper tank on the front side directly opposite the filler neck, and the third one failed because the filler neck was poorly formed and split from top to bottom under pressure. Another was returned without fitting because the filler neck was also deformed (it's much thinner than the original)".

At 07:55 PM 10/17/2009 -0600, Don Scott in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wrote:
"I replaced the original radiator on my 59 A with a Moss repro in April. It came with an over flow tube and the correct thread on the drain. Cooling was some what improved and I have had no issues at all right through the hottest days of the summer this year. (I also have a Moss fan shroud). Based on my limited experience I would recommend the current version of the Moss radiator".

So there we have two somewhat different user reports several months apart. Apparently a couple of the minor features have been corrected, overflow pipe and drain thread. I will inquire further, but so far no current picture and no additional comment. I presume the top and bottom tanks are still different in appearance, solder joints are formed differently, and the core is still Vertical Tube type rather than cell core. Not a clue about the "thin" material in the filler neck, but at least this more recent one didn't leak (yet). Some improvement, but still not "original" in appearance (and maybe never would be). If you want original appearance you need to have one re-cored using original tanks and brackets. For concours show you would also need to source an original type cell core.

On 3/2/2014, Dominic Clancy wrote:
"The Moss rads continue to be problematic. Last year I installed one on a friends car, and it immediately started to overheat really badly. After trying everything else to solve the problem, we swapped it back out for a 15$ second hand original unit one picked up on ebay, and the overheating disappeared immediately. The Moss one was returned to the local reseller for a refund. It looked fine, it just don't work at all, so I can only assume it was totally blocked and not circulating any water at all".

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