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COMPARISON, SCPL Replacement Radiator -- CO-116

The following notes are from Art Pearse in Ontario, Canada

On July 7, 2017, Art Pearse wrote:
"I just replaced my 56 year old rad, as it has a pinhole leak. Bought new one from Sports Car Parts Ltd in Tennessee, USA, made in UK. It has the same tube arrangement (flat tubes in-line) [not as original] but it weighs a lot less. The difference I believe is the fins, which are quite fragile, aluminum and not a honeycomb pattern like original. Also, they are not bonded to the tubes as I belive the originals are soldered.

Anyway, performance test is what matters and it runs 200F where it was 180 F before (60 mph in 30 C). Another annoying point is that the mounting holes span is 20" vs 20-1/4" original. Good job the holes are slotted in the body, but could not use full size washers. Oh, also I had to ream out the hole for the hood prop. I'm considering trying to fix the leak on the old radiator"!

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