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Using the MGB RADIATOR in the MGA, #2 - CO-205A

At 09:45 AM 11/26/05, Stan Watkins wrote:
"I just happened to have an early MGB radiator that I know is good (tested at full temp and press), and I don't have a job right now, so I decided to modify the B radiator instead of purchasing a new A radiator. I made two modifications:

1.   I relocated the lower two captive nuts on each side to match the MGA mounting holes.

2.   I soldered the MGA fan guard to the MGB radiator.

Extended side flange on MGB radiator
Extended side flange and relocated weld nuts on MGB radiator

MGB radiator with MGA fan guard installed in MGA
MGB radiator with MGA fan guard installed in MGA

I had to extend the side brackets a little for the lower captive nut. The fan guard also holds the bonnet prop when raised. For some reason, the radiator fit right up against the duct panel and the fan has enough clearance at the lower tank. This is probably because the front tub on my car has been bent and repaired a few times. The radiator mounts may be 1/4" farther forward than normal. I would have added additional packing if necessary to move the radiator forward. The MGB radiator core probably gives better cooling, but I NEVER had overheating problems with the original radiator even in stop and go traffic in hot weather.

The B radiator works great in the MGA, but it was a bit too much work. I may put a new MGA radiator in the car when I have the income. The top tank does not look correct and most everything else on the car is correct or at least very close.

Do I recommend this modification? NO! Why? It's too much work for the money you save. You have to have a good early B radiator (one that was free), a welder, a fan guard from an MGA radiator, plenty of time, and no money. If a new radiator is needed, Moss sells them at very reasonable prices." - Stan

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