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NTG in Ipswich has new plastic fans in MGA pattern.
Part number is B103DZ. Go to:
plastic fan

On 20 October 2010, Colyn Firth in South Yorkshire, UK wrote:
"I have fitted the NTG injection moulded fan to my car and it works really well. It is of a larger diameter and has a much more efficient blade design than the standard metal fan. (The first time I revved the engine with my head under the bonnet it blew my baseball cap off!). It has brought the running temperature down by 10 degrees at the expense of quite a lot more fan noise. In other words it runs much cooler but it sounds quite a lot more like a double decker bus than I would like!

"I was warned that the injected moulded fan could begin to flex in high ambient temperatures causing it to foul the radiator and I have seen evidence of this on other MGAs which have this fan fitted. Fortunately, the radiator in my car has been spaced forwards by 10 or 15 mm and this extra clearance seems to have solved this problem. So, thus far, and with the extra radiator clearance above, I would definitely recommend it".
plastic fan

Please also see article CO-104A about 7-blade plastic fans.

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