The MGA With An Attitude

This one has the more traditional down-flow configuration, so it looks a little more like the original radiator (sort of). Photos provided by Thomas Aczel in Australia. The aluminum radiator is built by PWR.

On 2/19/2012, Thomas Aczel wrote:
"After much laboring over the design specs, and a few other hiccoughs, I finally fitted my new PWR radiator today, replacing the original three row brass unit. (This had been disassembled at the local radiator shop, and had been found to be completely clear internally). Nothing else has been altered, to make comparisons valid. 160 (72C) standard thermostat. Ambient temperature today was/is around 30C (86F).
My main issues previously had been the long climb up to my place in weather like today, when Iíd been seeing 215-225F regularly. The shroud had made idling in hot weather much better. Prolonged high speed runs (110-120 km/hr) had also seen the needle start to climb, but only to around 190-200F. I havenít had a chance to do a high speed run yet. The gauge sat around 160-175 throughout on the flat, and dropped very rapidly on down-hill stretches. Standing at the lights saw the temp climb to 190F max. The long climb home where Iíd be seeing around 220-225F on a day like today, I got a top reading of 190F, and an instant cool down as I turned in to my street.
So, conclusion: HUGE gains on the long climbs in hot weather, and general running in warm-hot weather, probably little gain at idling (I donít have an electric fan fitted). Given what Iíve seen today running around 80-90 km/hr, likely cooler running at continual higher speeds too. All in all, a very worthwhile improvement".
Regards, Tom

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