The MGA With An Attitude

The first MGA Roadster was produced in May 1955. The First MGA Coupe was produced in September 1956. If you own a MGA Coupe you may already know more about the unique body than I would (but I'm working on it). There is an open invitation here for anyone to contribute information which may be useful for the unknowing novice (including me).
MGA coupe
Some very nice pictures and good statistical data may be found in the book "Original MGA" by Anders Ditlev Clausager. Coupes were produced in all the same mechanical chassis configurations as Roadsters, but in smaller quantity. The Deluxe Coupes are very rare indeed.

Model Quantity Model Quantity
1500 Coupe 6272    
1600 Coupe 2771 1600 Deluxe Coupe 12 (included)
1600 MK-II Coupe 521 1600 MK-II Deluxe Coupe 23 (included)
Twin Cam Coupe 323    
Total Coupe 9887 Total Deluxe Coupe 35 (included)

The MGA Coupe is an adaptation of the Roadster, sharing the underpinnings, where most of the mechanical operational parts are the same as the Roadster. The Coupe of course has the fixed roof with more rounded windscreen, different doors with roll up glass windows, small vent windows, and external latch pulls. Inside the dash panel is slightly different but with the same instruments, there is a full headliner and some different wood trim pieces (mostly covered with cloth).

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