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MGA COUPE Interior Appointments -- CP-102

The MGA Coupe has a number of unique interior appointments. This sun visor is original type, not standard equipment but an optional accessory from either factory or dealer. The wood trim around the windscreen was originally covered with cloth.

Refer to article CP-106 for more information on various sun visors that might be found in the MGA Coupe.

MGA 1600 Coupe boot space
MGA 1600 Coupe boot space
The 1500 model has the spare tire protruding forward through the rear bulkhead similar to the roadster, where the 1600 Coupe model carries the spare completely aft of the rear bulkhead. Behind the seats the Coupe has a full width parcel shelf extending forward from the back of the roof line. The parcel shelf is wide on the 1500, approaching close to the back of the seats, almost like the steel body tonneau on the roadster. The 1600 model has a narrower parcel shelf positioned slightly higher near the center rear window. This arrangement makes for more useable and more easily accessible luggage space in the rear cockpit area of the 1600 Coupe. (Click for larger pictures).
MGA 1500 Coupe parcel shelf MGA 1600 Coupe parcel shelf
Structure of the parcel shelf was thin plywood, similar to interior door panels, with solid wood facing bar. The entire assembly was covered with vinyl fabric with no exposed wood. The front rail would have been white on the 1500, contrasting with the interior trim color, while on the 1600 it would have been matching the color of the interior trim. Original coupe carpeting was always gray, except for a few early cars which were black, and a few later special order cars which were most commonly black. Coupe rear carpeting always covered the entire rear area, wheel arches and bulkhead, but without any underlayment.
Roadster seats Roadster seats
Coupe seats - - - Roadster seats
The coupe seats are different from roadster seats in a few ways. Most obvious will be the different pattern of pleating on the seat covers. Coupe pleats run left to right where roadster pleats run front to back and vertical. Coupe seat backs are flat across the top where roadster seats are angled on top to match the body tonneau shape. The coupe center armrest does not have the center pleat found in the roadster.
Coupe armrest Coupe armrest

Photo at left shows the Competition Deluxe Seat pattern. Photo above is the Coupe arm rest.

The coupe doors have roll-up windows, exterior door handles, key lock (right side only on early cars), different door latch, striker plate and door post to accommodate same. The inside of the door has a closed panel with no door pocket and manual door pull loops. To replace the lost door pockets there are map pockets on the side scuttle just ahead of the doors.

The coupe dash panel is different from the roadster. Approaching the ends it is flat across the bottom and does a forward wrap around at the ends. The dash was always covered in vinyl with chrome trim around the center speaker and horn push opening, and bright stainless steel trim along the bottom edge. There was also vinyl covering on the top cowling between the dash and the windscreen.
Coupe Dash
Photo compliments of Robert Agar in Green Valley, AZ, USA
The cockpit front trim roll is different from the Roadster in that it wraps forward around the ends of the Coupe dash. The curved ends are contoured wood parts with an overlapping notch screwed to the thin cross dash wood strip. The wood ends appear to take the place of the metal ends of the roadster trim roll, so the center part on the coupe is similar to the roadster trim roll.

For sound deadening and heat barrier there is an insulation pad under the heater shelf and running up the back of the front bulkhead. Originally make of "some flimsy yellow foam stuff that fell apart quickly", this is today commonly replaced with a pad made of closed cell foam rubber with a thick skin.

There are far more details unique to the MGA coupe, particularly in the area of the steel roof, the cloth headliner, windshield and rear windows, and parts related to the roof to door interface. I am no expert on the coupe model, but I an willing to post more pictures and details here when available. Meanwhile I would refer anyone interested to the book Original MGA by Anders Ditlev Clausager for glossy pictures and much more detail.

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