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Headliner LOWER TRIM PIECE, MGA Coupe - CP-104A

Sometime after (long after) the headliner is installed, after the kick panels and door weather seal and parcel shelf are installed, you get to install the lower trim piece for the headliner. This piece runs between the door seal and the parcel shelf front trim rail, covering the bottom edge of the headliner and top edge of the kick panel. It is 1/8-inch thick, matches the height of the parcel shelf front trim rail, is covered with vinyl and secured with trim screws (2 for the 1500, 3 for the 1600, and no piping). The top edge should be even with the parcel shelf on the 1500, touching below the parcel shelf on the 1600, and the front end may overlap the door seal slightly. Since the parcel shelf in the 1600 model is shorter front to back than the 1500 model, this trim piece will be longer in the 1600.

Robert (Bob) Agar in Green Valley, AZ, USA, wrote:
"I cut new pieces out of 1/8" Masonite because the wood has split on one of my trim pieces. The Masonite will flex slightly and allow it to conform to the contour better".

Peter Tilbury in Surrey, BC. Canada wrote:
"The trim is made up of two pieces - First there is a piece of Ash, tapered like a wedge to the contour of the side wall, that screws to the body with two small self tapping screws. Then the trimmed piece of thin plywood screws or glues on top of this. (The tapered ash piece is not obvious when installed). Scarborough Faire supplies both pieces, with the top one trimmed or untrimmed, short or long as required for 1500 or 1600 coupes.

Trim Piece Missing

Trim Piece Original, 1500, 2-screws

Trim Piece Restored, 1600, 3-screws

On Feb 4, 2017, Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA wrote:
"I've figured out where to position the rear quarter capping pieces. (1500 Coupe). They line up between the door cap and the end of the parcel shelf trim rail. There is a wedge-shaped piece that goes behind the vinyl-covered capping pieces to give a smooth surface to mount the capping pieces to. I've attached a picture of an original from my car and two new ones that I made from plywood. These pieces and the vinyl-covered capping pieces are handed.

There are two pieces of wood that go on each side. One has a step on the back and gets covered in vinyl. The other ones are wedges that fit between the B pillar and the parcel shelf trim rail to give a smooth surface for mounting the ones with the step. It is not seen once the interior is finished.

I finally found a picture of this wooden wedge still attached to my car just prior to removal. I also attached a picture of the four rear quarter capping pieces that will be going on my car along with the split original wedge that I have.

On Feb 5, 2017, Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA wrote:
"Here's a picture of the RH capping piece with the door cap, my original rear quarter panel, and the parcel shelf trim rail in their relative positions. (1500 Coupe). If you don't put the wedge piece behind the one with the step, when you screw the capping piece in, the front edge will kick out".

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