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Headliner MATERIAL, MGA Coupe - CP-104B

On 2/22/2015, Mark Wellard wrote:
"The picture shows the headlining material that I managed to find for my car. None of the MG parts suppliers or upholstery manufacturers are able to provide a headlining that matches the original pattern and I have spent years searching for something that is satisfactory.

"I eventually found material with the correct pattern but only available in gray (left sample). It is produced for Alfa Romeo Giulietta head linings. I found someone who can paint the vinyl and the center sample is the end of the painted roll. The original material is shown on the right. Anyone looking for the correct pattern should search for the material code 20032/R1. It is not expensive to have the material recolored and you cannot tell that the material has been recolored".

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