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Dash Construction, MGA Coupe - CP-108

On 10/6/2011, Robert Agar wrote:
"When cleaning up the used replacement dash panel for my coupe, I noticed what appeared to be welds at each end where the coupe-unique "ears" at each end were apparently added to the standard roadster dash. On removal of the original dash, I noted the same welds. Pictures attached.
MGA Coupe welded dash MGA Coupe welded dash
Maybe this was a contributing factor in vinyl covering for the Coupe dash. Easier to apply vinyl than to grind welds smooth in early production? If other people with MGA Coupes would like to look behind the dash to see, I would be happy to post results of reports. Please include chassis number of your car for production time reference.

Accumulating data: W 26535 W 32104 W 37711 W 38593 (Aug 58) W 66697 (Apr 59) W YM1/1239 (Dec 59) W 87265 (Mar 60) W (1960) RHD W (1960) LHD W 102399 W 103596

MGA Coupe welded dash front view
This looks a lot like all of the Coupe dash panels were welded in this manner. Photo above right shows the front surface of one coupe dash, indicating the the weld was finished smooth on the front face. This may or may not have been clean enough for painting with a smooth surface, but it would at least allow for the vinyl covering to lie flat. More photos below of the welded rear surface.
MGA Coupe welded dash MGA Coupe welded dash MGA Coupe welded dash

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