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At 03:12 PM 12/14/04 -0800, Tom Tallone wrote:
>"How does one remove the glass and mechanism from a coupe door? I've got the frame disassembled and form the parts breakdown it appears that the glass should slip (pry) out of the track...but how much force is needed. Is there a special tool?"

At 01:58 AM 12/15/04 +0000, Dennis Scanlan wrote:
>"To separate the window glass from the track, you have to first unbolt the entire window regulator, and push it into the door cavity, and by moving it back and forth you can get the window out of the track. ..... Keep your window handle close, as you might have to raise and or lower the window by the regulator to get the right position for the glass to slide off the track. You will reassemble it the same way by moving them back and forth. .... PS. don't forget to grease your track with white lithium grease before reassembling."

At 05:09 AM 1/3/06, Barry Sandman wrote:
>"I did it and it goes just about they way the Workshop Manuel describes the process. There is one thing that is not evident, or at least it wasn't to me, at the base of both the door handle and the window winder is an escutcheon, That escutcheon is in two pieces, one slides over the other, though you can not see that it does. It takes two people to, one to push the outer escutcheon back to allow the second person to see the little pin in the shaft which must be tapped out to get the handle off so the door panel can be removed."

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