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DOOR LATCHES and LOCKS, Repair - CP-113B

Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA wrote
` "I needed to replace the rubber washers and rivets (parts 39 and 40 in the attached illustration) at the end of the connecting bar. The rivets are "shoulder rivets". These are mostly custom items and very few suppliers carry them as stock items. I found something at C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. that may work. I have ordered this item (box of 25) from

I received the shoulder rivets and was able to make them work. The original rivets' shoulders were 1/4" diameter with 3/8" heads. The ones I found have 5/16" shoulders with 3/8" heads. I had to drill the hole in the connecting bar to 5/16" and I bought new stainless steel washers to replace the very thin shim-type washers that were on either side of the original rubber washers.

The first picture (below) shows one repaired and the other one not repaired showing that the rubber washer was missing. The second picture shows the door lock ends that did not need repairing. The third picture shows both mechanisms repaired where the rubber washers were missing.

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