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REAR TRIM PANELS for the MGA 1600 Coupe - CP-128
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This topic starts with the question, what happens to the headlining aft of the doors? There is a tail that hangs down the rear of the door arch with a flap that points rearwards, and your kit should also contain a separate piece of fabric.

When you have fitted the headlining and stuck it at the front, over the doors and around the top and sides of the rear window it is time to think about the separate piece of fabric which sticks to the steel panel above the parcel shelf and up to and around the bottom of the rear window. It extends between the lowest point of the corner windows on each side of the car and is joined to the main part of the headlining as indicated by the arrow sticker in the fifth picture. You can overlap the join or slice through the two layers of fabric to get a butt joint, and the headlining is trimmed at the bottom so you can access the forward rear wing screw, third picture.

The parcel shelf is covered by a 3mm plywood panel which is clad with the same vynide fabric that you have used for the rest of the interior trim. The plywood sits flat on the steel shelf up to its squared off ends and then folds downwards to follow the drooped ends of the shelf. The front side of the shelf panel is essentially straight and the back is shaped to the curved profile of the cab.

The shelf top panel is fixed with 5 screws into cup washers. You may find that the existing holes have enlarged and the screws have no grip. A remedy is to make some sheet steel nuts and stick them under the parcel shelf with mastic.
MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim
There is a 6mm trim panel for the front of the shelf which fixes to the 4 tabs with the regular trim screws. The ends droop to follow the droop in the parcel shelf so that the top of the trim is in alignment with the bottom of the glazing rubber. This panel is covered with the selected vynide.

Next is the rear quarter panel which covers all the steel from behind the door up to the lower edge of the headlining. In my case it had to accommodate the seat belt anchors so the rear end of this panel is tucked behind a retaining bracket, two screws in the centre of the third picture, and is fixed with 2 screws on its front edge (fourth picture).
MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim
MGA 1600 Coupe rear trim A trim panel covers the joint between the quarter panel and the bottom of the headlining. The front edge fits under the door arch trim panel and behind the door seal rubber, and the rear edge is tucked under and behind the point of the shelf front trim. Again, this trim panel varies from the original to clear the seat belt anchorage.

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