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HARNESS STYLES, Original and Replacement - ET-094

On 09 June 2007, A M Wakefield in Switzerland wrote:
"I assume one harness would fit either RHD or LHD right? Are they expensive?"

The same harness works for LHD and RHD. Where it goes through the firewall in the center behind the heater position, the harness has branches that can be flipped over to go left or right. There are separate branches for the control box and dipper switch in front, and for the dashboard devices in back. There is also enough wire length to allow for swapping positions of the four round dash instruments.

As such, there are three basic harness patterns for 1500 (with turn signal relay), 1600 (without turn signal relay), and Twin Cam cars (with ignition coil on opposite side). Other variations of part numbers would be for:

1.) Early 1500 type with black rubber insulated wires individually cloth wrapped for color codes, and cloth braid over wrap. These are more expensive (and less durable), but may be desirable for early 1500 model concours restoration.

2.) Later cars with PVC insulated wires with the colors in the PVC insulation, cloth braid over wrap, and ring lugs for early style generator.

3.) Ditto #2, but with Lucar connectors for later style generator and control box.

4 & 5.) Ditto #2 & #3 except with tape wrap outer cover in place of the cloth braid over wrap. This is not original, but will be less expensive and perfectly serviceable for a daily driver car.

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