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Wiring HARNESS WRAP For Repair - ET-095

At 11:08 PM 5/25/2007 -0600, Joe Rojas in Los Angeles wrote:
"Is there anything I can use to wrap my wire harness?"

Anything other than a new harness with original style cloth wrap will look odd. Having your original harness re-woven with original style cloth cover would be cost prohibitive. You can use harness wrap tape, which is self-bonding PVC with no adhesive, commonly either black or blue (or sometimes gray). See the PDF format catalog on the: British Wiring web site

Tie one end of the tape around the harness, over wrap securely, and then tie the finish end. Start at the outboard end of each harness branch, wrap toward the trunk, and finish tying it off on the trunk. Overlap of the tape in that direction will resist unwrapping if the tape should come loose at the outboard end. Finally wrap the trunk from one end to the other, which will cover all of the tie-offs from the branches.

I would not advise use of sticky tape, either cloth or vinyl, because heat and time affect the adhesive in nasty ways. Black cloth tape with adhesive will work for local repairs. It is a bit sticky to work with, will collect dirt in use, and may lose the stick when exposed to heat. Vinyl adhesive tape is much more likely to let loose with heat or age.

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