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This is a follow up from the prior page. A couple of people wanted to make their own original type brackets for the Windtone horns, so here are the drawings. Right hand and left hand parts are made from identical blanks with four holes, then bent in opposite direction. Click for larger printable PDF pages. The pages should print out in full scale, so you could use the print as a cutting template.
Windtone horn bracket, RH
Right side bracket, Standard
Drawing in Inches
Drawing in MM
Windtone horn bracket, LH
Left side bracket, Optional
Drawing in Inches
Drawing in MM
Windtone horn brackets
Right side bracket for Windtone low note horn was standard equipment for all MGA. Left side bracket for Windtone high note horn was optional equipment, could be factory or dealer or owner installed.

Photo at right by Paul Nodtvedt in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA

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