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At 02:36 PM 7/13/03 -0400, Glenn Monrad wrote:
>"My MGA windshield wipers seem to function correctly, except the park position is wrong."

Just a matter of setup adjustment. Sit in the driver seat, reach around the side of the windscreen, and you should be able to touch the wiper blade when it is parked. They park toward the driver's side of the car. This means the drive mechanism has to park with the oscillating cable fully extended for LHD or fully retracted for RHD.

The gearbox on the wiper motor has a round cover with a single wire attached. That round cover is held in place by a flat plate with four screws with 1/4-inch hex head. Inside the cover is the parking commutator. Loosen two screws in the flat plate near the round cover, and rotate the round cover to adjust the point of rotation where output crankshaft will park. Set it to where the cable stops at point of fullest extension for LHD or fully retracted for RHD, and the wiper arms stop full down on the driver's side of the car. If necessary, remove the arms from the spindles and reinstall them in the appropriate parked position with the rubbers touching the bottom chrome frame rail.

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