The MGA With An Attitude
(or vice versa)

MGA windscreen wipers park to the left side for Left Hnad Drive cars, and to the right side for Right Hand Drive cars. When sitting in the driver's seat you should be able to reach around the side of the windscreen and touch the tip of the wiper blade when the wipers are parked. The drive rack is to be assembled at the bottom of the wheel box. As such, the cable must be fully extended to park LHD wipers, or fully retracted to part RHD wipers. The wiper arms also have different kick or offset so they will park parallel to bottom of the glass.
RHD wipers RHD wipers
To convert LHD wipers to RHD (or vice versa), remove the incorrect wiper arms. Refer to prior page to re-adjust the parking position of the cable drive (per note above). Install correct wiper arms with the blades parking at bottom of glass.

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