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WIPER BLADES For MGA, Original Rainbow Type - ET-112B


These are close up pictures of original Rainbow wiper blades for MGA. Click for larger pictures.

Photos provided by André Kunz in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

While quantities last you can still buy NOS Rainbow wiper blades (not the arms) here:

On 11/20/2014, Jim Cheatham wrote:

"Here is a set of used original Rainbow wiper arms and blades I recently bought and cleaned up. I bought new rubber parts on eBay. I took the blade holders apart to clean and polish them better and am waiting for new tubular rivets I bought to put the blade holders back together. They turned out pretty good. There is a little of the brass showing through the chrome but they look good enough to me that I plan to use them on my 57 Coupe". -- Jim

I reassembled the wiper blade holders and inserted the new blades. The rivets for the blade holders are 3/32” x 1/2”. The original rivets are chromed brass but I could not find that spec rivet so I used stainless steel. I also replaced the rivets in the wiper arms since the chrome had worn off of them. These are stainless steel 3/32” x 1/4”. I removed one rivet at a time from each wiper arm and replaced it with a new one before removing the second rivet. That way, the original rivet maintained the compression of the pieces so I didn't have a bunch of pieces to try to hold in place if I had removed both wiper arm rivets at the same time. Made more sense to me to do it that way.


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