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On 17 November 2016, JL Cheatham in Virginia, USA wrote:
"I restored a pair of Rainbow wiper arms. See bottom of page here). -- I had replaced my wheel boxes with new ones from Moss and found that the splines of the new spindles did not match the splines of the Rainbow arms. I ended up restoring my original wheel boxes with new rubber seals from Todd Clarke. The Rainbow splines fit perfectly on the original spindles". Wiper spindle splines

On 18 November 2016, JL Cheatham wrote:
"Here's a picture of the new Moss spindle I bought compared to the original spindle. There are fewer splines on the new Moss Spindle (57) compared to the original spindle (72). Original Rainbow wiper arms will not fit on the Moss spindles".

On 17 November 2016, T Aczel in New South Wales, Australia wrote:
Wiper arm splines "I replaced both my MGA and MGB arms with "top quality" TEX items only to find they gripped the drive splines poorly. I lost three in the rain, and caught two more just before they flew off. I bitterly regret throwing away my original arms before I realized the issues with the shiny new replacements! My MGB has now been fitted with original used arms I was lucky enough to buy. They fit snugly, with no issues.
"The center arm is an original, the top and bottom, replacement Tex items. The diameter of the replacement arms' hubs are clearly larger than the original, and the 'splines' don't even come close to the drive spline's configuration".

On 17 November 2016, Dominic Clancy in Switzerland wrote:
"I agree that the TEX ones are rubbish, but so too are the repro wiper boxes. I improved the fit and stopped losing wipers when I found a set of original wheel boxes and fitted arms with a screw-wedge clamp to the spindles".

On 17 November 2016, Colyn Firth in South Yorkshire, UK wrote:
Wiper arm with locking screw "I have a picture of the 'later MG Midget' wiper arms that I have fitted. The screw on the top of the arms operates a clamp which grips the splines.
Wiper arm with locking screw Wiper arm with locking screw

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