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Generator Supplied (originally) WITHOUT Fan or Pulley - ET-122

This is a simple side note to explain why the generator fan and pulley are usually not shown with the generator in parts books and shop manuals. The generator is a basic device common to many different vehicle models. Different vehicles use a large variety of fans and pulleys on the generator to suit the specific application. Listing the fan and pulley separately avoids having to create a never ending spectrum of part numbers for the generators and subsequent stocking and sales problems.
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Additionally, for the MGs at least, it appears the generators were supplied by Lucas while the fans and pulleys were supplied by BMC. In the factory Service Parts List the generator fan and pulley are listed on the same page with the water pump, while the generator is shown without fan or pulley. You would be hard pressed to find mention of the generator fan or pulley in the factory MGA Workshop Manual. Today's parts suppliers may list the fan and pulley on the same page with the generator, but as distinctly separate parts not attached.

From a British Parts supplier a replacement generator will generally not include a fan or pulley. However, local supply general auto parts stores may (or may not) supply a replacement generator with fan and pulley included. In this case you might expect the entire assembly to be more generic and configured for a multitude of different applications. For instance, ordering a generator for an early MGA 1500 you are likely to get one configured for an MGA 1600 or early MGB, having Lucar push-on electrical connectors, larger fan, smaller pulley, and possibly iron end plates in place of the original aluminum end plates.

For most people none of this matters much, as long as you have the right length for the fan belt. For a concours show car you need pay attention to having the right parts.

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