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CONTROL BOX In Operationh Video - ET-121A
This article is submitted by: Patrick B. Harris, Jr.

On 1/15/2018, Brock Dittrick wrote:
"Have you ever seen such a thing as what is happening in this video? I suspect that the field resistor in the regulator is open circuit, thus when the points break the back e.m.f from the field is discharged across the contacts? I got the video from a guy in Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean whot is having difficulty finding parts and someone who knows something about cars".

This is mostly for fun, so you can see the control box in operation. Click on picture for video. It will be good if you can get the audio along with it.

There is a wiring error that I did not immediately spot, because it was hooked up with non-original wire colors. The guy had the A and D leads reversed. That caused the extreme arcing. Oddly enough, once correctly wired it worked okay, no damage done.

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