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Here's another view of the module under the dash. This is looking from below the heater control forward towards the bulkhead. Dead center in the picture you can see the heavy main cable of the original wiring harness where it runs through the rubber grommet in the bulkhead. Immediately to the right of the main harness is one of the blue wires from the new wiper control module attached with a butt connector to the green wire previously pulled through the bulkhead grommet. This green wire extends a few inches into the passenger compartment, so no problem making the connection here, and it's hidden from view, just a very short wire run from the new module.
Power connection through the bulkhead
For the curious, that bolt and hex nut at the right side of the picture is the same one seen in the last picture attaching the frame for the navigator's desk. Just below the bolt in the picture is a three-prong connector (attached a little forward on the right dash brace) and a coil of gray coax cable. That's the lead wire from a magnetic sensor on the front wheel hub that provides the accurate road distance signal for the rally computer. So by now you get the idea why the vehicle electrical system has been converted to negative ground. What you haven't seen in this series of pictures is how I manage to hide the cabinets for the two 6" radio speakers and the entire cruise control unit under the dash. (Chuckle). And if you took a close look at the navigator's desk, there was also a DC to AC inverter with the laptop computer, and the modern radio in the dash (before it was removed).

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