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DRIP TRAY for Rear Of Engine -- CS-212

This suggestion comes from Mike Ellsmore in Victoria, Australia.

"For those of you who lack the technical skills or are time-poor or are too lazy to eliminate the oil leaks from around the engine / gearbox mating area, then an oil catch tray may be the answer for you! My version is made from 0.5 mm aluminum sheet that you can buy from your local hardware shop. It is easy to cut with a pair of aviation snips or a good quality paper guillotine, and if you prefer it can be made from equivalent thickness galvanized steel sheet. The drawing shows the cut out shape and fold lines. This tray hangs from two straps that allows it to be located forward of engine backplate so that it catches drips from the oil pan gasket rear as well as the engineered leak point (jiggle pin) under the bell housing. If you don't like leaving oil spots in your friends' drive-way, this is the mod for you"!

Finished tray formed and soldered.

Click on drawing for larger image.

After some consideration, when oil accumulates in the pan it would splash out due to engine vibration and road bumps. The tray would then be wet with oil on the bottom, the frame cross member (and anything aft) cold be coated with oil, and it could drip on the ground when parked. I might suggest installing a cake of wire wool or a sponge in the tray to inhibit splash, and the assembly would need to be emptied and cleaned periodically.

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