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DRIP TRAY for Rear Of Engine #2 -- CS-213

On 01 January 2014, Edward Wesson in Georgia, USA, wrote:
"If you have owned your MG for very long, then you know that there are oil leaks that are almost impossible to stop. If you are leaking from the front cover seal, or the fronts or sides of the sump, this won't help, but if your leaks are mainly at the rear of the pan, (and down the front of the rear engine plate), and/or through the drip pin, then you will have less visible leaking.

The drawing IS NOT TO SCALE In the second image, I made a full size cardboard mockup to make sure it would fit. Then I cut the sheet metal. After bending it up, (drill bolt holes first, and cut notch), I traced the end panels. Leave the top of the end panels short enough to get a wrench in there. Also, use a washer between the rear plate and the drip pan, so fluid can run down at the 1/4-inch bend on the front side.

Not shown on the drawing, but seen in the third photo, is the radiator-style drain tap. I used one with a 1/8-inch pipe thread, screwed and soft soldered in place. I chose to attach the end panels with silver braze, then filled the inside with a good sealer. Finally painted the inside with rubberized undercoating, to help keep out the leaks. One other slight benefit, is that oil that blows back from the front, hits the pan, and helps keep some oil off all the rest of the underside". -- Edward

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