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DRIP TRAY for Rear Of Engine #3 -- CS-214

This one installed on an MGA Twin Cam is made from the top of a rectangular one gallon paint can with a screw-on lid. A little crude in appearance, but it will work well. Use large flat washers to reduce stress and avoid cracking of the thin sheet metal.

Here is another one on a pushrod engine, from P N Tipping in Hampshire, UK. Notice the top edge is doubled over for increased stiffness, as well as an additional reinforcing plate on the front side.

Steve Gyles in Hampshire, UK suggest tha a nice touch would be to use a vintage 'period' can with original markings.

Someone suggested the handle may be a problem for speed bumps. But keep in mind that the screw cap protrudes about the same distance as the handle. That could be a problem if it protrudes below the engine sump, and especially if protrudes below the frame round cross member.

Drawing below from P N Tipping in Hampshire, UK
drip tray drawing

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