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DRIP TRAY for Rear Of Engine #4 -- CS-215

This one is brought to you by John Alexander in Michigan, USA.

"I eyeballed the dimensions onto a cereal box cardboard, and fit it to a spare trans bell housing. Transferred design to a scrap of 20 ga. sheet, and cut out the pieces. The trusty MIG welder made short work of the assembly. I cut a scallop out of the edge of a 4"X4" to use as a form, into which I hammered the rear flange (to catch the bell housing cotter pin drips). Drilled a 5/16" hole on the backside for a drain, to which I welded a 5/16" nut. A 5/16" bolt with copper washer seals the drain. I'll install it with some wire wool in the trough to keep the oil from sloshing about. Primed and painted and I feel like I've accomplished something". -- John

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