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OIL DRAIN PLUG, Magnetic - OF-108

Magnetic oil drain plugs for MGs
magnetic oil drain plugmagnetic oil drain plug
Moss # 328-282
MG Midget
Replaces 2A380, 2F4249, 88G257 328-280
Moss # 328-461
MGA Twin Cam,
MGC, AH-100, AH-3000
Replaces 2H4685 328-460
This is an engine accessory that I personally recommend. It is a direct replacement for the engine oil drain plug, and it contains a small but powerful magnet. When you change your engine oil you can clean the fuzzy collection of iron particles off the magnet. This is especially beneficial during the initial engine break in period when freshly honed cylinder walls and new piston rings are wearing in together.

For the standard engine drain plug (left in photo), the thread size is 1/4-BSP or G1/4.

1/4-inch BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel thread)
1/4-inch BSPS (British Standard Pipe Straight thread)
1/4-inch BSPF (British Standard Pipe Fine thread)
1/4"BSP (19 threads per inch)

Whitworth form parallel fastening thread with 55 degree thread angle.
19 threads per inch -- major diameter 0.518-in (13.157-mm)

British Pipe Thread (Whitworth Form) -- Parallel (BSPP/BSPS/BSPF) G1/4 Thread Designation 1/4" Nominal Size BSPP Thread Form Type 13.157 Major Diameter mm 1.337 Pitch mm 19 Threads per inch 12.301 Pitch Diameter mm 11.445 Minor Diameter Male Thd. 0.856 Thread Height 11.60 Tap Drill Diameter mm

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